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Rivon Professional Hair Straightening Cream

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  • Volume: 85g x 2 tubes 1 Tube is Straightening Cream 1 Tube is Neutralizer Premium quality For professional use Strong formula With protein conditioner Suitable for all type of Curly and Frizzy Hair CAUTIONS Take Allergy Test before use Never Use on Injured and Irritated Scalp This product is not for CHILDREN This Product is not tested on animals
₨. 369.00
₨. 650.00 (43% off)
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    Step 1: Wash your hair using any available shampoo and let them dry. Blow dryer s also recommended
    Step 2: After drying take adequate quantity of the straightening cream (Black tube) and apply it on your hair using a brush and leave 1cm from scalp. Leave the cream for 12-15 mins as per thickness of you hair. Do not comb your hair after applying this cream
    Step 3: After 15 mins your hair will become a little elastic now its the time to rinse it off. Use luke warm/normal water for rinsing. Do not use shampoo or any cream or conditioner in this step. After rinsing let your hair dry. Blow dryer can also be used for drying.
    Step 4: After drying Straighten your hair using any electric straightener available.
    Step 5: After straightening apply the neutralizing cream (white tube) using a brush for 20 minutes. Comb your hair continuously in this step. After 20 mins rinse off your hair with normal water without shampoo.
    Step 6: Use any Protien Conditioner at the end and rinse off. Now make any style you like.
    Note: Do not use shampoo, oil, styling gel or any other chemical based cream or wax 48 hours after straightening process.

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